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Student Loan Relief


I have been practicing for over twenty years, and for those twenty years I have been telling clients that there was not a whole lot that could be done with student loans. Only under very extreme circumstances could that debt be discharged in bankruptcy. The student loan laws are difficult to understand and there are not many places to get answers. This bothered me. I was able to help people get out of debt but I was not able to give them complete relief from their financial troubles. I decided that I wanted to do something about it. I learned the ins and outs of the programs that were available to student loan borrowers. I implemented these programs into my practice and I have helped many people manage their student loans.

Why Deferment and Forebearance Is Not The Answer

The answer that most people are given when they seek help for their student loans is that they should put them into deferment or forbearance. This is a short term fix with long term consequences. While the payments are being delayed or in forbearance, often times interest is accruing during that time period. The only thing that this accomplishes is a higher principal balance when the deferral period is over thus creating a bigger problem.

Are There Better Answers to Help Me Manage My Debt

Yes! There are many payment plans available. Knowing which ones you qualify for and which one is best for you is the key to managing your debt. This is where Fugate Law Firm can help. We will analyze your student loans, provide you with your options and together we can develop a plan to get an affordable payment. Here's a little secret, sometimes your payment can be $0 per month and count as an on time payment. 

Attorney Fugate is the only Attorney in
Northwest Indiana to be a Graduate of
The Student Loan Law Workshop

Check the national registry of student loan law workshop registry and you will find that Attorney Fugate is the only Attorney in the area to have graduated from that program.

The workshop is an intensive training sessions designed to find solutions for student loan issues.  Chose an attorney who is knowledgeable and trained to help with student loans.

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