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The Pandemic has made us rethink
our bankruptcy procedure.
We have made the process easier,
faster and more convenient.
Multiple office visits are 
a thing of the past.
Want Something for Free ....Who doesn't?

What is the bankruptcy process?

How long does it take?

When can I get credit again?
I am sure these  questions are on your mind.
How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?
That depends on what route is best for you.
Start a bankruptcy for as little as 
Times are tough, we know that.  That's why we lowered the upfront costs for a Chapter 13.    
Payment plans are available for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.  
Make a Payment                                 Quick and Easy
Don't have time to come to our office? 
Not  a Problem !
Fugate Law Firm uses  the latest technology to make it easy.
 Submit documents, have face to face consultations 
and review documents from the comfort of your home.
The days of repetitive trips to your lawyer's office are over.

From Your Desktop
From Your Phone

File Bankruptcy                 Improve Your Credit


A common misconception is that bankruptcy will ruin your credit.  However, it is likely that your credit is already damaged by bad debt.  The truth is that bankruptcy will quickly eliminate your liability for the bad debt and give you a fresh start to rebuild good credit.

Attorney Fugate is a published author and

literally wrote the book on how to

File Bankruptcy and Improve Your Credit

Schedule an appointment and receive a 

free copy of his book.

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Legal Assistant

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Attorney Kenneth Fugate

Attorney Tyler Van Kuiken

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