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Facing action from the IRS or Indiana Department of Revenue? How can you get relief from tax debt?

Falling behind on your taxes can result in serious consequences if you do not act right away to remedy the situation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Indiana Department of Revenue (IDR) respectively investigate and collect any delinquent federal and state taxes. If you fall behind on your taxes for too long and do not catch up, you could be subjected to wage garnishment, levies, and other serious forms of debt collection. You could also face serious federal charges and the criminal penalties that come with it.

Fugate Law Firm knows your consumer rights when it comes to tax debt and collection practices. We are more than capable of defending you from unfair debt collection practices taken by the IRS or the DOR. We can also help you resolve the matter for good by getting back on top of your tax debts, by reducing them, or by eliminating them altogether. By filing for bankruptcy, you may be able to eliminate enough of your other overwhelming debts to begin paying what you owe on your taxes. Tax debt is generally exempt from being discharged through bankruptcy, but you could get rid of your other payments for good in order to focus on your taxes so that you can avoid serious penalties.

Can a bankuptcy eliminate my tax debts?

Often times a bankruptcy can reduce or eliminate your tax debt. It can also help structure an affordable repayment. Take advantage of a free case evaluation today to learn what a Lake County bankruptcy lawyer can do for you. Fugate Law Firm has helped countless clients in the Merrillville area and nearby Porter County find relief from overwhelming debt, including serious tax debt. Do not hesitate to get help if you have fallen behind on your taxes and need professional counsel. Our firm can help you understand your rights and can even work with the IRS or DOR to help you resolve your issue.

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