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Will a bankruptcy provide a defense against foreclosure?

Are you about to lose your home? We can help!

One of the main reasons why people declare bankruptcy is to prevent their home from being repossessed. By the time it becomes necessary to even consider bankruptcy, it is very likely that you are behind on your mortgage. Banks and lenders will only wait so long before they begin taking drastic action to collect the debt you owe, such as foreclosing on your home because you can't pay for it. Fugate Law Firm can help you understand what your consumer rights are and how you can protect your home from being taken away through foreclosure.

What is an Automatic Stay? How do I get an Automatic Say?

Bankruptcy is one surefire way to stop foreclosure. The moment that a consumer hires a Lake County bankruptcy lawyer, all foreclosure proceedings must immediately stop - it's the law. This is known as an "automatic stay." Your creditors and lenders will no longer be able to take any actions to collect the debts that you owe because you will either be discharging those debts after liquidation through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or after a 3- to 5-year repayment plan under Chapter 13. You may have heard some bankruptcy myths that make you hesitant to even consider filing, but after speaking with an attorney from our firm, you will understand how bankruptcy is a good thing and was designed to help consumers escape out from under crushing amounts of debt.

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Fugate Law Firm can help you see the big picture and find hope when all seems lost. No matter how far behind you are on your home loan payments, we can help you stop foreclosure and get back on top of your mortgage, either through financial planning or bankruptcy. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to guide you step by step as you seek to save your home.

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